Planes Need Vaccine Requirement

by Marissa Harris ‘22 

Covid-19 cases have been surging tremendously with the country reaching one million cases in a single day on January 3. Currently, negative tests are required to travel internationally, but neither tests or vaccination cards are required to fly domestically. In a recent study posted by medRxiv, evidence showed that there was enhanced transmissibility from the unvaccinated, and decreased transmissibility with booster-vaccinated individuals. Planes flying domestic routes should require proof of vaccination or a negative test to stop the spread of Covid-19 both in the airport and plane itself. 

Many people who are flying at the moment are going to see family or other groups of people. Therefore, if they were to catch the virus from the airport or plane, they would easily transmit it to the people they were going to see. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has explained how it is okay to be in groups of vaccinated people. By mandating vaccine proof or proof of a negative test, the chance of the individuals bringing more cases to their destination is highly decreased. Also, vulnerable people on the plane will be protected, the country’s hospitalizations will decrease, and it protects the flight staff who want to be able to do their job both effectively and safely. The requirements may also help the mental health of those flying because they will feel safer, and have less worry.