Administration Needs Mask Campaign

by Tori Newby ‘22

“Mask up, Sherwood,” were the words of many teachers and administrators at the beginning of the school year, hoping to create an environment where Covid-19 would be kept at bay. However, since then, pro-mask sentiments seem to be scarce, and many students wear their masks incorrectly and inconsistently, even as virus cases worsen in the area. At boys’ basketball games, the most widely attended sporting events of the winter season, many students do not wear their masks properly. As a cheerleader who sits directly in front of the student section, my teammates and I feel droplets of spit on our shoulders and backs throughout the game. Those students are often asked to pull up their masks by teachers and security guards throughout the game, only to pull them back down seconds later.

Administration needs a more consistent campaign to encourage students to wear their masks. In school, few teachers ask students to pull up their masks when it is seen under their nose or chin, and even some teachers and substitute teachers do not wear their masks properly when in a room with students. It is seen that students rarely comply with gentle reminders, however, consistent announcements or personal reminders from teachers may contribute to a safer school, where we can continue to have safe in-person education and sporting events as the virus amps up throughout the country.