Remind Is Superior to e-mail

by Tori Martinez ‘23

In the online learning environment e-mails play a large role in student-teacher communication, however, e-mails can sometimes be hard to navigate. The Remind app offers a time-efficient and convenient way for students and teachers to communicate concisely, and therefore is preferable to e-mail. 

When teachers have more than one e-mail address, it can be confusing and time-consuming for students requiring a quick response. If a student sends an e-mail to the wrong address they may not receive feedback. Remind helps to eliminate this issue because it is tailored for a specific class, leaving less room for miscommunication. For instance, a teacher with multiple classes may receive messages from students in various classes to the same e-mail address. Moreover, teachers are able to create individual chats for each class and implement office hours using Remind. This can be very helpful for students because they know when they are most likely to receive a response. As opposed to sending out an e-mail at any given time and hoping that the teacher responds in a timely manner. Furthermore, chats make it easier to locate past conversations by swiping up instead of searching specific words or names and then sifting through many past e-mails. Lastly, Remind offers a form of communication that closely resembles a text, which allows users to speak less formally, and get straight to the point.