Let’s Do More Than Repost

by Aidan Trump ‘21

It seems that each time I open Instagram I’m presented with a seemingly infinite number of my peer’s Instagram stories presenting the same visually appealing pictures memorializing the victims of sexual assault, police brutality, gun violence, and hate crimes. I’d be lying if I were to say that I’d never reposted these types of posts. It’s almost like a reflex, after each new (seemingly daily) tragedy it’s time to repost something on your Instagram story. It’s crucial to support victims and their families. As well as to ensure that victims are remembered and are made to be martyrs in order to create positive change. Yet I question the effectiveness of all of the Instagram stories posted by teenagers after these catastrophes. 

Just recently in the wake of Daunte Wright’s murder, Instagram stories were flooded with calls for change, and ways to help “support Daunte Wright’s son and girlfriend.” After seeing those story posts I was left wondering how many size four diapers were actually sent to Daunte Wright’s girlfriend as a direct result of an Instagram post shared between high school students. It’s not unsafe to assume that the vast majority of the posts were put out and nothing happened. I’m not shaming those who repost these posts on their Instagram story, it’s important to show support, but there are more effective ways to help.