Benefits of Virtual AP Exams

by Reade Fenner ‘22

MCPS announced on March 25 that all AP final exams for this school year will be virtual. There are certain exceptions, however, for world language and music theory courses that must be administered in person, as well as for other certain classes, such as AP Calculus, that are ideally completed on paper. Although the idea of online AP exams may not sound particularly appealing considering the numerous issues students experienced with last year’s tests, MCPS’ decision is a necessary one.

Montgomery County students have spent the entire school year learning and taking practice tests from their computer. After a long year of virtual education, it would make no sense to take final exams on paper and in person, using an exam structure students have not worked with in over a year. MCPS changing the default of AP exams to online allows students to continue with the platform and testing style they are already used to and comfortable with for each class. Attempting to organize schools to hold exams would also be extremely difficult. Schools just opened their doors to students again and are still adjusting to the new challenges that come with implementing in-person learning. Requesting they take on in-person AP exams while still adapting to the new system is unfair as schools and their staff do not need another unnecessary burden. Limiting the number of AP exams administered in person allows schools to focus on the most important task at hand, perfecting the current in-person learning system.