SAT’s Going Out of Season

by Rachel Klein ‘22

Over the past few weeks, many colleges and universities have announced that they are going to be test-optional for the graduating Class of 2022, meaning prospective students get to choose whether or not they want to submit their SAT and/or ACT scores. For many high schoolers, taking the SAT or ACT is one of the most stressful yet important parts of their junior year. So take a world-wide pandemic and put that right on top of it. Having to take a standardized test that can determine what happens in their future along with the effects of everything else going on in the world can put an enormous strain on students’ mental health. Colleges and universities deciding to go test-optional is one of the best decisions they have made with the students’ best interest in mind. 

Not only is it keeping people safer, but it takes a huge load of stress off of the students’ shoulders. To get into almost any good college, it is extremely important to do well on the SAT. Not having to worry about that takes one pile off of an already stacked plate. Some may say that this now puts more pressure on grades and extracurriculars; however, this was already stressful to begin with. Not to mention, extracurriculars can be fun and good for students’ mental health, unlike the SAT.