A Call for Curriculum Changes

by Sudha Sudhaker ‘21

Across the country,  high school students, teachers, and alumni are petitioning their local governments to make changes to the school curriculum. Petitioners contest that the current curriculum puts a heavy emphasis on the Eurocentric perspective, and fails to properly represent the diverse population of students. Changes petitioned for include introducing more ethnic studies programs, studying the works of more writers of color, and diversifying reading material. Although states’ school districts’ board leaders understand the frustrations, they urge petitioners to understand that making any changes to the curriculum will take time and political pushback may certainly be an obstacle.

No matter how small the steps to change may be, diversifying school curriculums is a step in the right direction for fighting system racism. Including proper representation gives students a sense of belonging and establishes that the experiences and history of minority students are valued. Through experiencing the emotions and feelings of characters in literature, students are able to gain a different perspective on the world and social issues. If we take small steps towards change now, our future generations will be taught with a curriculum that fosters respect and tolerance.