Senior Column: An Ode to The Warrior

by Sarah Nove ’20

Through thirteen years of school, I have not tried out for a single sports team. I have never been, nor do I think I ever will be, a sports person. Before high school, just the thought of being on a team could send me spiraling into anxiety. I was always worried I would let my friends down, so I never gave myself a chance. However, after three years on The Warrior, my feelings towards being on a team have changed.

When I joined the newspaper in my sophomore year, my tendency towards perfectionism led me to be a pretty bad collaborator. I completed group projects alone whenever possible, because it always seemed easier just to do the assignments by myself. On my own, I might have more work, but I knew the result would look exactly how I wanted. Little did I know, writing for a newspaper requires a lot of collaboration. Every issue and every article is a group effort––from writers, to editors, to our fearless leader Mr. Huck, nothing we publish is the product of one person alone. 

I quickly realized that working alone was not going to cut it. Frankly, I had no idea what I was doing––I needed help. Thankfully, the seniors were more than happy to show me the ropes, and, when I felt unsure of myself, my peers were there to support me. I became a cog in the newspaper machine, and I loved it. I felt like I finally found my place after so many years feeling lost. 

Months passed, and I learned more and more. Eventually, I was promoted to Entertainment editor, then to Director of Print. I took pride in my ability to function as a member of the newspaper team. I relied on my friends, and they relied on me. The feeling of making something with my friends felt infinitely more rewarding than doing it all on my own. 

I know this looks like shameless self-promotion (and it is), but joining The Warrior staff was the best decision I made in all of high school. As a nervous freshman, I never could have pictured the person I am today. The Warrior has given me a purpose, an outlet, and a community. Somewhere along the line, my newspaper friends became my family and the newspaper room became my second home. So, to each person reading this: thank you for supporting The Warrior––we appreciate you. 

To my newspaper family: I miss you all, and, most of all, I miss my chair. Stay well, and I love you guys.