Not Worth the Curse

by Joseph Oscilowski ‘22

“Antrum” is a horror film made in 2018, said to be cursed. The movie starts off with a brief documentary about how the film is known to cause death. The documentary describes how the theater that the original showing of the movie took place at mysteriously burnt down, killing and injuring numerous people. It continues by saying that many people died 24 hours after watching the movie, some dying from things like heart attacks or seizure, others having been murdered. 

“Antrum” became a trend on social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Twitter. People posted that they were about to watch the movie, and say things like “if I don’t post again in 24 hours, you’ll know the curse is real,” with some purposely not posting immediately to scare their audiences. For me, at least, seeing all these videos and tweets about the movie got me intrigued and made me feel like I was risking my life by watching the movie.

Now of course, this curse is not real, or else I wouldn’t be here today writing about it! But that being said, is this movie even worth watching? My answer: no. 

 “Antrum” is a complete mess, and if I’m being honest, I laughed more watching this movie than I was scared. There were so many holes in the story, things that were brought up but never explained or touched up on again. For example, the very beginning of the movie starts off with a dream scene, which contains little bits of information that are never talked about again in the movie. 

The movie is also extremely hard to follow. I remember watching the movie and being completely lost until the characters briefly mention what was happening towards the end of the movie. Not only that, the movie introduces a few characters seemingly out of nowhere, only bringing more confusion. 

The worst part of this movie to me is the ending. The ending brought no clarity at all to the many confusing things that happened in the movie. When the credits started to roll, I was left there sitting like, “Is this really the ending?”

I would not recommend watching this movie solely because it just was not good at all, but if you’re bored and have some time to waste, there’s no harm in experiencing this cursed monstrosity.