Seniors Take Back Prom … Eventually

by Hena Hussain’20

As the end of the school year nears in the midst of COVID-19, many high school seniors are missing out on key aspects of their experience as schools have closed for the remainder of the year. One of the pivotal events that was cancelled is prom, which has left many students disappointed. However, in an attempt to save their high school experience, high school seniors across the country have created a project called “Redemption Prom.”

When schools started closing across the nation, several students admitted to Washington University’s Class of 2024 created a committee to host their own makeup prom while at college for those who had missed it during their senior year. This grew into a movement after students admitted to Harvard University also joined in on the project, and started work on creating their own prom as well. Other colleges involved include Northwestern University, Columbia University, University of Texas at Austin, Dartmouth University, and University of California Los Angeles. 

Currently, incoming freshmen at the schools involved are in the process of putting together committees to work with school administrations and other students to host these events. Many of these students have created Instagram profiles for their Redemption Proms in an effort to gain awareness and support from other students. While this endeavor is in the beginning stages, it is a testament to the determination of students to make the best of the current circumstances.