Why I Hate “Coronacation”

by Joseph Oscilowski ‘22

“Coronacation” is the word many people are using to describe this pause from work and school due to the coronavirus. People tend to use this word because they feel that this is the equivalent to spring break, as seen by the people in Florida that were crowding the beaches and being hooligans. Now I don’t hate the break itself; I enjoy it and think it is helpful in some ways, like getting good sleep and being stress-free. However, I do not like that people are using this break as an excuse to be going to parties or to act as if this is summer. 

The coronavirus is a rapidly spreading disease that doctors and government officials are trying to shut down. The belief that this isolation period is instead just a vacation has caused the virus to spread immensely. An extremely high number of people decided to just do whatever they wanted and to just completely disregard what officials have been saying for weeks. If people, specifically younger generations, had just decided to listen to the warning and instructions to self-isolate, our current coronavirus condition might have been significantly less serious.