School Should Start Before Labor Day

Reade Fenner ‘22

The MCPS Board of Education is currently drafting and discussing the 2020-2021 calendar, with the school start date being a prominent issue. An executive order passed by Gov. Larry Hogan stating that schools in Maryland must begin after Labor Day has now been annulled by new legislation. MCPS is considering returning to an earlier start date, such as September 1 or August 31. The other option is after Labor Day on September 8.
MCPS should hold the first day of school before Labor Day next school year. It’s ridiculous to begin a school year a week into September because it puts the last day of school on June 24. The end date for MCPS doesn’t change the dates of the AP exams, so about a month and a half of school will be left after most AP tests, leaving nothing for AP students to do. For elementary parents, the end of August is a time when their children become restless and bored. These parents, especially those who work, would prefer for their child to be back in school at the end of summer. Issues such as these will only worsen with a later school start and end date. A later school start date would negatively impact all MCPS students.