“Warrior Nation” Slogan Restored

by Anjali Verma ‘20

Last spring, The Warrior Club ran a contest to create a new slogan replacing the long-standing “Warrior Nation.” The new slogan was set to be announced at the first football game of the 2019-2020 school year. After receiving more than 200 entries, The Warrior Club instead decided to keep the old logo and simply refresh the look of the shirts with new artwork and design. 

“While there was very little backlash about changing the slogan . . . we did not feel that any of the entries stood out as a good replacement,” responded The Warrior Club in a statement regarding the new slogan. The club decided to take an alternative route, choosing a secondary slogan to feature on two new clothing pieces. The slogan chosen was “Follow the Arrow,” which was submitted by Class of 2019 graduate Shannon Johnson.

“We feel ‘Follow the Arrow’ accurately represents the positive direction and unified spirit of our Sherwood community; we are leaders in the classroom, leaders in our community and leaders on the athletic field,” according to the statement by The Warrior Club. “‘Follow the Arrow’ reminds us to keep to the standards set by the county’s core values and our very own “One Sherwood” initiative. Everyone should “Follow the Arrow!”