“Warrior Nation” Slogan Retired

Anjali Verma ‘20

It has come time the “Warrior Nation” slogan be renewed. The Warrior Club has run a contest to create a new slogan for their shirts. All entries had to be three words or less and appropriate for all ages. The contest was open to everyone in the Sherwood Community including staff, students, and parents. The winner of the contest receives the first T-shirt with the slogan as well as $40 in fall spirit wear.

With a new Principal, a new Athletic Director and what feels like a fresh reboot for Sherwood in general, the Warrior Club has decided to update the slogan on our $5 shirts,” according to a statement from the Spirit Wear Committee of the Warrior Club. “The slogan and/or the concept of a slogan for Sherwood was created by two past Warrior Club members and launched in 2011. There was no slogan or “Warrior Nation” concept prior to 2011 . . . At the time, only athletes could purchase Sherwood items through their teams. Sherwood gear was not sold to everyone else on an ongoing or consistent basis.”  

From these circumstances, the slogan “Warrior Nation” was born. However, this year, with all the new changes to the staff and atmosphere at Sherwood, the Warrior Club found it appropriate to go in a new direction that would again promote unity and spirit.  

The new slogan will be announced at the first football game of the 2019-2020 school year as well as apparel featuring Principal Dr. Minus’ slogan “One Sherwood.”