I’m a ‘Sucker’ for The Jonas Brothers’ ‘Cool’ New Album

by Kara Thompson ‘20

The iconic brotherly trio known as ‘The Jonas Brothers’ made music that was a staple in the lives of many early 2000s kids. With hits such as “Burnin Up” and “Year 3000,” the brothers Kevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas, who got their start with Disney in 2005, quickly achieved star status. After several albums and tours, the group eventually broke up in late 2013, much to the disappointment of their millions of fans.

Joe and Nick Jonas both went on to have their own singing careers, while third brother Kevin started a family during his time away from the spotlight. Nick’s solo career allowed him to gain even more fame, as well as land a few film and TV roles, while Joe became lead singer of the band DNCE.

On March 1, the brothers announced that they had reunited, and released their first new single “Sucker,” which was followed just a month later with the single “Cool.” These tracks became instant hits, with “Sucker” earning a spot on the Billboard Hot 100, and are the first two songs heard on their new album.

“Happiness Begins” only gets better after those two catchy hits. With 14 songs in total, the lyrics range from upbeat and fun to deeply raw and emotional. The music takes listeners on a journey through the brothers’ lives: describing their love lives, struggles with finding themselves, and their newfound confidence.

From the rhythmic tune of “Only Human” that gives off a carefree vibe to the vulnerability expressed in “Happy When I’m Sad,” there’s a song on this album for every mood. Each track comes from a personal experience of one of the brothers, adding a rich emotional background that is consistent across all the lyrics and melodies.

The Jonas Brothers have announced their “Happiness Begins” US tour that will start in August. So don’t “Hesitate” to buy your tickets–”I Believe” their concert would be an amazing experience for all who attend.

Grade: A