Senior Column: Do What My Laziness Never Could

by Noah Corman ’19

I never channeled my energy into much of anything productive. Throughout my high school years, I took issue with academic cheating, the education system’s inefficiencies, vaping, and certain aspects of capitalism among other problems. In my head, I was fixing those problems left and right–creating the perfect honor code, revamping the school system, etc. In reality, I did nothing. I could have joined a club or organization or even started one to utilize my desire to make a difference, but I never did. I did not even look for an opportunity, and I have no excuse.

With my final words as a senior, I urge you to learn from my mistakes. When I look back on my high school years, I’ll remember that I spent more time sitting around on my phone than doing any other activity in my free time. And now that high school is over, I have little to show for that wasted time. It is all about opportunity cost. With those three or more hours each day, I could have joined a club, or worked a job, or learned to program or cook, but I didn’t.

I will always regret not taking action on my passions. I was far too content with ranting to my friends and parents about idealistic hypotheticals when I should have been working to make those dreams a reality. Since middle school, I have constantly thought about little tweaks that could be made to the school system to improve the learning experience for everyone. But not once did I send a letter or email to the Montgomery County Board of Education. Not once did I organize like-minded students to petition a representative. Not once did I take action. Like the vast majority of Americans, I let my voice go unheard.

Had I been motivated in realizing my ideas, it would have gone beyond advancing my own agenda. For one, being active in the community and solving problems that plague others are wonderful things to do. But none of this was compelling enough for me. If you ever find yourself excitedly ranting about anything, then pursue that passion through organized means. Ideas are actions waiting to happen, and they are waiting on you.