Interesting Jobs to Earn Cash This Summer

by Zachary Weisenthal ’19

As summer quickly approaches, many students are searching for a job to earn some extra money and fill their time. However, finding a job that meets one’s interest can be difficult, and starting a new job in a new work environment can be daunting. The Warrior has compiled a list of top 5 jobs for Olney teens to work based on pay and work.

Internship: Finding an internship (preferably paid) can be much more fulfilling than working a job as an ice cream scooper or babysitter. As you enter junior and senior year, having an internship gives you a foot up over your peers and confirms whether or not you want to pursue that career after high school. You also develop great networking connections with professionals in that field. Begin by talking to your friends and see what jobs their parents hold. Or a simple Google Search can lead you to many internships.

Do you love animals and working in nature? Olney is filled with opportunities to work with horses and wildlife. Potomac Horse Center and Gray Stone Farm offer teens the opportunity to care for horses and other wildlife on the farm. Speak to Ms. Coutts if you are interested!

Sandy Spring Adventure Park allows teens to work outdoors in a super cool place; high up in the trees! Learn about climbing techniques and assisting climbers conquer to their fears.

Freelance work: Do you have a unique talent that is valuable to others? You probably do and just do not know it yet. Whether it’s graphic design, voice overs, or writing content for a blog, freelancing is an incredible way to learn valuable business/communication skills while being your own boss. is an awesome way to get paid for “gigs” selling unique services.

Summer camps: Whether at BarT, Camp JCC, or Rockville Sports Plex, being a camp counselor is an awesome way to make money and work alongside coworkers of your age. You won’t even feel at work while kicking the soccer ball around with campers or assisting the next Van Gogh.

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