Slapfish Slaps

by Sophia Wooden ‘20

Slapfish opened on Rockville Pike in June 2018 and offers a new twist on a seafood restaurant. Advertised as  “A Modern Seafood Shack,” and surrounded by many other trendy restaurants in a strip mall, Slapfish has a nautical vibe and is a great place to meet up with friends after a long, tiresome day.

This new restaurant style features an ordering-and-serving style that is very convenient for no-hassle customers who order from a rustic wooden menu and then pay directly up front. The menu features many different creations such as a poke bowl, tacos, burritos, sandwich rolls and salads. The wait isn’t unbearable, usually taking about 10 to 15 minutes, and a server brings your meal right to your seat. This process is great because there is no tip involved. The prices are very reasonable for seafood and for the three items that my friends and I got, the total was 34 dollars. I would say that for shellfish, these prices are really fair, almost cheap.That being said, if you don’t like seafood this is not the place for you.

The first thing that we ordered was a salsa ceviche, which is one of the smaller menu options. The chips that came with it were few, but combined with the refreshing salsa, cooled our taste buds. Forget ice cream; this would be a great on a hot summer day. The next item that we got was a lobster grilled cheese. It came with fries and a orange sauce, which the menu could have noted is a tad spicy. Although there should have been more fries, the combination of both is amazing. While very tasty, I can’t imagine that lobster grilled cheese is healthy due to all the butter, grease and cheese. This is definitely not something to eat frequently, but as a special treat that is a totally different but great take on grilled cheese. Lastly, the shrimp burrito incorporated so many flavors in one that you would think that it would taste overwhelming, but the dish is exceptional. The massive burrito also comes with chips and salsa. While this is definitely something to share, it can be terribly hard to split because the plates are almost smaller than the portions.

Despite the poor food-to-plate ratio, Slapfish is a wonderful new addition to the Montgomery County, Slapfish creates a innovative seafood experience. By incorporating modernism with seafood, the restaurant should continue to impress customers. Slapfish offers a really pleasant experience, and my friends and I are already planning to go back.


Grade: A-