Maryland Begins New School Calendar Process

by Ryan Duvall ‘21

Just about two and a half years ago, Governor Larry Hogan decided to have all Maryland schools open after Labor Day. The reasoning behind the huge change to school systems across the state was to increase business in Ocean City, and save money from being spent on school air conditioning. Although many students have backed this decision, the Maryland Senate is not in support, and on Thursday, February 7, the Senate came within reach of their goal to overturn Hogan’s law. The senate voted 32-14 in favor of beginning the process of passing a new bill within the state, one that would allow each county to set it’s own calendar.

The Senate approved of this bill on Tuesday, Febuary 12. It will now go to the House of Delegates. If the bill passes both demoocratic-controlled chambers, Hogan will support a referendum in which the bill will be put on the ballot for voters.

MCPS has been one of the most affected school systems throughout the span of Hogan’s law. The biggest public school systems in Maryland has had a tough time trying to schedule school years as they have to deal with an abundance of factors from seasonal breaks to professional days. It seems this year especially MCPS could really use the new law, as they have already started to extend the school year due to the Hogan law limiting them to just 2 built-in snow days. If there are more school closures, MCPS may have to extend school up to June 17, and take away the students already shortened spring break.