Panic! At The Disco’s Stunning Performance In DC

by Christianna Tran ’20

Panic! At the Disco made its debut in 2005 when the song “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” took the world by storm, becoming one of the most recognized alternative songs ever. After over 14 years, it is hard to believe that this band is still relevant. However with sold out shows almost every night, the band is clearly still going strong. Panic! At the Disco came to Capital One Arena on January 20 to perform to the people in the DC area on their Pray For The Wicked tour.

I first heard about this band in 2014, and soon became a huge fan of their music. After going to one of their shows over the summer, I was ecstatic to attend another one.

The entire show from start to finish was very well put together. When Panic! At The Disco came on, the crowd was immediately greeted by the frontman of the band, Brendon Urie, who instantly expressed his large stage presence and his wild amount of energy that was matched by hundreds of fans in the crowd. Throughout the band’s setlist, this pulsing energy never burned out especially with Urie’s outstanding vocal range and playful singing. The crowd sang along to the lyrics of every song so loud, that even Urie seemed surprised at some points.

The set-up was grand and spectacular with the shape of the stage symbolizing the band’s triangular logo. Each song brought new cheers as background visuals and lights were made to be perfectly in sync with the music, making for a truly stunning set.  The background instrumentals were astonishing as well with graceful strings, thrilling horns and exhilarating guitars intensifying each song.

Urie also made a good use of the space in the arena. He walked through the crowd and lifted onto a flying platform where he continued the show. The band successfully performed impressive covers of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” that changed the mood of the of the concert from electrifying to emotional in the matter of minutes.

The show had many touching moments, one of the most memorable ones being their performance of “Girls/Girls/Boys” where a display showing support for members of the LGBTQ+ community filled the screens. Urie grabbed multiple pride flags given to him from the crowd, and he wrapped himself in them as he sung. The entire arena held up paper hearts to their flashlights that constructed a rainbow throughout the crowd in the arena, leaving people feeling heartfelt and happy.

I suggest going to a show for everyone who is looking for a fun night. I was amazed by the production of this show and the expressed understanding of love and equality that filled the room amazed me. I believe that everyone should experience something like this at some point in their life.

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