Students Should Grade Teachers

by Jimmy Yates ‘21

Throughout the school year, many students pour their hearts and souls into earning grades acceptable for their parents and colleges. To add to the obstacles outside of school, students have to do their absolute best with the teacher they are given. Regarding the teaching style and the relationships with students, teachers are instrumental in affecting students’ education and future success. Oftentimes, students keep their opinions about their teachers to themselves, causing future classes to undergo the same learning struggles as the previous students.

To ensure that students are able to receive the best available public education, students should be able to evaluate their teachers’ performance through a survey of sorts, with the results made available to the teacher and administrators. This would help teachers reflect on if they presented an effective style of teaching, based on how their students feel about their instruction. Not only would it help teachers improve their teaching methods for future classes, but student surveys on teachers would also help administrators decide if certain teachers are successfully connecting with students, if they need to be consulted about their methods, or if they need to be removed from their position.