‘Creed ll’ the Perfect End to an Era

by Jackson Hongtong ’21

 “Creed ll” is the newest addition to the famous boxing movie series, Rocky, that first started in 1976. Adonis Creed, portrayed by Michael B. Jordan, is the son of Apollo Creed, which was revealed in the first “Creed” film. Sylvester Stallone, as Rocky Balboa, is Creed’s mentor.

 “Creed II” is about the aftermath of Adonis’ last fight and how being champion has affected his life. Creed gets called out by Viktor Drago, son of the man who killed Adonis’ father, Ivan Drago. This is difficult on Creed and makes him want to avenge his father’s death by beating Drago in the ring. The movie contains a great plot, emotional and driving character moments, and of course, a few intense motivational training scenes that every Rocky fan know and love.

 Although “Creed II” was great, it should be the last movie in the series. When critics and fans of the Rocky series and “Creed I,” heard about “Creed II,” many were concerned that the movie might not be as good as past Rocky movies. However Director Stephen Caple Jr has delivered an outstanding film which pleased many fans. The cinematography of the fights during the were the best the series has ever seen. This should be where the line ends for the Rocky series though for many reasons. For one, “Creed ll” could be a great ending for the series because the movie had many people satisfied since they wrap up story lines like Rocky’s family and the revenge for Apollo Creed’s death for his son. The movie should also be the last because it will be hard finding a new direction to go for the next film. The potential of a new creation of the film could feel dragged on and wouldn’t be a great Rocky movie like ones in the past have been.

Grade: A