Live Bullet Found in Classroom

by Nick Hermosilla ‘19

A .22 caliber bullet was found in a classroom during third period last Wednesday, November 27. The teacher of the class has not been identified by the school but the name has been shared widely by students on social media.

According to a letter sent to the Sherwood community by Principal Eric Minus on the same day, the bullet was immediately given to the school resource officer. Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) was called to support the school’s own security and sent additional police and K-9 officers to thoroughly search the school grounds and ensure that there was no imminent danger. By lunch, the school had gone into a shelter-in-place while MCPD completed their investigation. The shelter was ended after lunch and the school was designated safe.

In emailed responses to The Warrior, Minus stated that the school does not know where or who the bullet came from, and stated that they will not release additional information pertaining to it unless it was “paramount for our students, staff and community.” Minus also clarified that the shelter-in-place was not a result of the bullet being found, but was to allow MCPD to conduct their search of school grounds without interference from students outside of the school.

In a follow-up letter of November 29, Minus dispelled rumors of a firearm and multiple bullets being found in and around the school, and he stated to The Warrior that he is “concerned about the accuracy of the information that is coming out from other parties other than the school administration.”