County Considers Adding Days to Spring Break

by Christianna Tran ‘20

Montgomery County’s Board of Education is currently developing a calendar for the 2019-2020 school year. During their latest meeting, held October 9, the board limited their options down to two possible calendar schedules. Of these two schedules, one plan proposes a longer spring break, while the other plan keeps a shorter spring break, similar to the current one for this school year. As they develop the calendar, the board contemplates having a break running from either April 6 through April 13 or from April 8 through April 13 in 2020. For this current school year, spring break will be from April 17 through April 22. If spring break is shorter, then there will be a full professional day between academic quarters.
On the other hand, if the longer break is chosen then there will be only a half day in between quarters.

Board members encourage the community to send their input and feedback on the calendar. A survey was sent to all families and staff asking about various topics such as school closure on certain holidays. They also seek opinions on the two calendar proposals. According to a WTOP article, board member Rebecca Smondrowski explains how they’re “putting both of these out for public comment, and when they come back, we’ll make a recommendationto move one of them forward.”

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