Longer Spring Break Means Calmer Students

by Jonah Sachs ’20

Through the years, religious holidays, mandatory breaks, and professional days have induced difficulty in creating an effective calendar. Recently, after much deliberation of the length of spring break, our newest Student Member of the Board, Ananya Tadikonda, as well as the rest of the Board of Education, have given students two options for the spring of the 2019-2020 school year. The choice is between a six or a ten day break, but the latter is much more appropriate for students around the county.

The benefit of a longer spring break, as opposed to more sporadic days off during the year, is that it allows students, especially those looking to travel across the world, to take a much deserved vacation before the intensity of exams. An accumulated break allows more time for

students to experience culture, an amazing facet of travel, or visit colleges that they may be interested in before buckling down in school. Usually scheduled around Easter weekend, spring break provides students with time to relax before the grueling work that comes with exam preparation. Students need a larger gap between work periods during the year, and the proposed ten day plan will provide that extra time to fully appreciate the break.