Honors Classes Don’t Prepare Students for AP

by Hena Hussain ‘20

For most students, junior year marks the start of an intensified workload, with many taking an increased number of AP courses. Students who took Honors Precalculus the year before take AP AB Calculus or AP BC Calculus; students who took Honors English 10 often take AP Language and Composition; students who took Honors Chemistry sophomore year usually choose to take AP Biology.

However, the decision to take certain AP classes following these prerequisite Honors classes can prove to be detrimental to students, since such classes cover more difficult content and move at a much faster pace. This results in more stress and lower grades for students who are not used to taking a higher number of APs at the same time. Even though AP courses present a greater challenge, the Honors classes do little to prepare students for APs, causing struggles for students who do choose to take higher-level classes. The curriculums of Honors classes should be revised to better prepare students for AP classes by incorporating elements of APs in Honors courses, such as increased assessments, more rigorous workloads, and challenging content. By doing so, students will be better equipped to meet the challenges that accompany AP classes.