Senior Earns EMT Certification

by Maleeha Khan ‘19

Emily Hesse is a normal student by most standards: she’s a busy senior; she hangs out with friends; and she’s planning on attending college. But one thing that sets her apart from other students is that she’s a certified emergency medical technician (EMT). EMTs work together in ambulances as they work together to save lives.

Before all of this began, Hesse joined the fire department in October 2017 and took the Volunteer Basic Orientation Class. She started to go there every week upon the class’s completion. Hesse said that volunteering to help gave her the chance to “help people and serve the community.” Later that November, Hesse was voted into a probationary membership for the fire department. After volunteering there and finishing up the school year, she took an EMT class during the summer. Since Hesse plans on having a career in emergency medicine, becoming an EMT and having the experience that comes with it would give her a strong foundation in her future career.

The EMT class took approximately two months to complete. Hesse began to serve in her station, which is located in Laytonsville. After months of hard work, she was finally certified as an EMT. Hesse’s duties now usually include riding in an ambulance with other EMTs and assisting when attending to a patient. EMTs can provide basic life support such as performing CPR, providing basic airway management, and immobilizing or bandaging a wound.

Hesse works one shift a week in her station every Wednesday night from 4:00-11:00 p.m. She admits that it can get somewhat stressful if she goes on a bad run- if someone is seriously hurt or if a death occurs, it impacts her when she resumes her normal school life the next day.

Still, she does not regret becoming an EMT. Hesse says that she “adores my job and that this was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.” Being an EMT inspires her in many different ways. Not only does she have the opportunity to meet and interact with new people, but she also gets to see different patients in different situations. Hesse is able to see patients with a variety of medical conditions and learns how to alleviate their pain.

Hesse’s advice for prospective EMTs is to not get disheartened. Yes, EMTs come across many difficult scenarios throughout their shifts, but having the opportunity to help others outweighs the tough parts of the job.