Rose Returns as Guest Speaker

by Danielle Katz ‘18

 At the end of last school year, Sherwood bid farewell to Assistant Principal Karen Rose, the grade level administrator for the Class of 2018. To congratulate her students, Rose will be speaking as a guest speaker at graduation.

 Rose has missed the Sherwood community greatly in her retirement, and she is excited to visit students and staff next week. She sees Sherwood seniors as a group of talented and diverse individuals with bright futures.

 “What I miss the most about Sherwood is the relationships with all of my students,” reminisced Rose. “I loved talking with them and discussing their goals and future plans; attending their activities like Rock n’ Roll, sporting contests, art shows, chorus and band concerts, the plays, ROTC awards, just to mention a few. I always look forward to hearing from them when they graduate. In addition, I miss the camaraderie of the staff and the activities we did together.”

 Coming back for graduation excites Rose because she can see all her students’ hard work put into action. Looking forward, Rose senses great promise for what the future brings for her students and what her students bring for the future.

 “I have high hopes for the graduating class,” said Rose. “My hopes for the graduating class is for each student to find his/her passion and to follow their dreams and to believe in themselves and have the courage to go out and help make our world a safer place filled with peace and hope.”

 While Sherwood’s newest graduates pursue their goals in the world, Rose will continue her hobbies, taking care of her family, and accomplishing personal goals.

 “Since I have retired I have spent my time in San Diego helping my daughter with her Juice Wave company, traveling to New York to help my aging aunt and uncle, helping out with my four grandchildren, and visiting Myrtle Beach for some relaxation,” said Rose. “In addition, my other passions include scrapbooking and publishing my two novels.”

 Though Rose has valued her first year of retirement, she is excited to return to a warm community and wish her students the best one last time as they receive their diplomas.