Debate Club is Looking to Build Team

by Sabrina Rickert `19

 Debate Club, the club where people research to argue with other schools, but our school’s club lacking recognition and members. And people don’t really know what the debaters do in the club. There are five teams per debate, which adds up to ten people debating for Sherwood.

 What Debate Club does is find out the topic for the debate a designated day during a meeting at lunch. We talk about sources we may use, the pros and cons of the topic. About a month later is the debate at Blair, every debate team in the county prepares for the same topic.

 “We need to get ourselves out there more I think a lot of the people in this school don’t even know that there is a Debate Team…it’s the lack of recognition.” said Debate Team captain Summer Graves.

 The way a debate is structured opening statements are presented first. First when the teams enter the room they sign up to be either team one or team two. That determines the order in which the debaters speak. When team one goes first introduces their side, and the three constructs they prepared for the debate, team two does their opening statement after team one. A crossfire, which is the back and forth part of the debate, both teams ask each other questions about what they found wrong with their opening statements happens second. Team one makes a four minute speech about what the other team has said so far and how their team is correct, and then team two goes. There’s another crossfire about what was said in the speeches made. Then there’s a summary about what has been said so far. New evidence can be presented at this time, but not new arguments. The grand crossfire between all four debaters during this time every piece of evidence that was presented by the other team is addressed and use it against the other team. In the end it’s the conclusion speeches summarize everything that was said by each side.

 “I think that people are interested in potentially becoming lawyers or writers or anything along those lines debate club is perfect for you. It also leads to a membership in an honors society, and then you get to graduate with honors. You wear cords at graduation. It looks wonderful on your college transcript. You would be a member of the National Forensics League Honors Society for life.” said Debate Team sponsor Elizabeth Kominski. Debate Club starts in the fall in J273.