The Lemon Twigs Bring Back a Bygone Era

by Sarah Nove ’20

The Lemon Twigs, a New York-based alternative band, dropped two new singles in late March. The band, gaining traction since the release of their first album, “Do Hollywood,” in 2017, has received critical acclaim for their unique fusion of classic rock and retro pop. The Lemon Twigs is primarily composed of Brian and Michael D’Addario, brothers who have created a signature sound that could be the glam rock alter-ego of The Beatles. The brothers, both in their late teens, play a multitude of instruments from keyboard to trumpet, as well as sing and write all of their songs.

Once again, the pair displayed their many talents in the singles, “Foolin’ Around” and “Tailor Made,” both of which stray from the baroque pop style they’ve exhibited in the past. The songs still carry the sense of nostalgia that is synonymous with The Lemon Twigs, but are more reminiscent of the classic rock sound of bands like The Kinks. The first single, “Foolin’ Around,” features gravelly, wild vocals and electrifying instrumentals instead of the smooth, layered harmonies of their earlier albums. The brash vocals bring an infectious rambunctiousness that makes listeners want to get up and dance. “Tailor Made” is equally as energetic, featuring simple lyrics paired with a catchy guitar riff that sounds like it was written for a Steely Dan song.

Both singles are refreshingly raw, focusing on the band’s performance instead of the flashy synthesized beats that have become popular in alternative music. The performances exude energy and oddity without seeming overproduced.

The Lemon Twigs’ outlandishness and hodgepodge, retro vibes sets them apart in an industry that is oversaturated with indistinguishable alternative bands. Though The Lemon Twigs change styles often, ‘generic’ is certainly not one of them.