Principal Gregory Retires from Sherwood

by Kat Mahoney ’20 and Kara Thompson ‘20

After 12 years of serving the Sherwood community, Principal Bill Gregory will retire at the end of the 2018 school year. In a recent note to the staff, Gregory announced his bittersweet departure and expressed hope for a smooth transition into the next school year.

This recent announcement has been in the back of Gregory’s mind for the past few years, but this year he finally followed through with finishing his career. This is Gregory’s 41st year working in education. Before coming to Sherwood, he previously worked throughout the county having jobs such as a math teacher at Good Counsel, principal at Dr Martin Luther King Jr Middle School, and acting principal at Seneca Valley High School. He has dedicated his life to helping students reach their potential, and plans to continue showing his love for education by volunteering throughout Montgomery County.

“It is so incredible to be able to be part of making a difference in the lives of an adolescent … I do believe that one person can make a difference in the life of another person,” said Gregory.

Gregory is eager to spend time relaxing at his second home in West Virginia, as well as spending time with his mom. He hasn’t yet decided what he else will do, but for now he is excited to not have to deal with the stress and responsibilities that come alongside working in the school system.

The process of hiring a new principal has begun. There will be a staff meeting in April where ideal characteristics of the new principal will be discussed. Sherwood students and staff as well as members of the community will be asked their opinions. From there, interviews will be conducted, and the new principal will be announced in May, after approval by the county’s Board of Education.

Gregory is enthusiastic to bring the 2018 school year, and his last year as a principal, to a exciting and prosperous close.

“It’s bittersweet, so there is excitement, but the bitter part is I love what I do. I love being at Sherwood, I love working with the students and the staff and the community.”