Stop Censoring Students

by Kara Thompson ‘20

Here at Sherwood, English classes read a variety of books from different genres, most of which are considered classics. However, in many school systems across the country, these books are banned. Books such as To Kill a Mockingbird and The Lord of the Flies aren’t assigned on the basis that they are too violent, have racial themes, contain profane language, or are too obscene. School systems are afraid that books containing these themes might influence students in a negative way, and some parents don’t want their children to be exposed to novels with subjects they do not agree with.

This book censorship should be stopped. High school students are mature enough to understand what is okay or not okay to do and say. Plus, exposing them to novels where life is very different from today help convey how much people have changed, while also revealing important life lessons everyone can benefit from.

These books all show parts of human nature through different experiences and situations, and is a great way to reinforce learning. School systems nationwide should take a step back and see if them prohibiting certain books in schools is really all that beneficial to the students in the long run.