Students taking AP Exams Increases Under New Registration System

by Owen Steffan ’18

As AP Exam season rolls around, Sherwood decided to take a different approach to the registration process this year in an effort to boost the number of tests given out. Rather than using the traditional system of AP registration, requiring students to hand in physical forms with payment in front of the career center at lunch, Sherwood used Total Registration, an online service that makes registration easier than ever before.

In years past, AP Exam registration has been as a hassle for students, as it usually took up all of lunch and blocked off a whole hallway with its extensive lines. Also, students that did not register at school during the designated week had to pay a late-fee, which steered several students away from taking their exams, However, with the implementation of the Total Registration system, a lot of problems with registration are now solved.

Forgetful students no longer have to worry about registering at lunch, and absent students can now register from home. Also, the new system is completely online and doesn’t waste any paper.

“I feel like Total Registration has benefited us and that we will continue to use the program for AP Registration in the future.  Students and families were able to register on their own time and we have up-to-the minute rosters for teachers and myself to access.  Also, I can directly contact students and parents as needed with important AP updates and information,” said Counselor Kelly Singleton, who is the school’s AP Coordinator.

Despite Total Registration being used by Sherwood for the first time in 2018, 86 percent of students in AP courses are slated to take their courses exams. As of February 28, 888 students are registered to take a total of 1,640 AP exams, which is over 200 more than in 2017.

“Total Registration is a pretty easy process; it takes 15 minutes at most. I liked it way better than the old system and waiting in line the whole lunch period,” said senior Matt Morrison.