MCPS Extends This School Year to June 13

by Brandon Cohen ’20

As a result of the latest snow day on Wednesday, February 7, MCPS extended the school year to June 13. MCPS will most likely extend the school year to June 14 soon because schools were cancelled on Friday, March 2, from high-pressure winds. If weather conditions cause additional cancellations, this year’s spring break could potentially be shortened as well because of Maryland state laws requiring that schools cannot adjourn later than June 15.

Schools are cancelled due to emergency weather conditions, yet many students, parents and teachers question the decision-making process. MCPS notes that the need for determining open school days, two hour delays, early dismissals, and closed school days are based on a number of factors, including bus transportation safety, teacher and student commuting safety, and workplace conditions such as  power outages.

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation sends members to check different local road conditions around 4 a.m, who then report back to officials who make recommendations to the superintendent. The final decision is ultimately made around 5 a.m. However, the board has been receiving much backlash from parents who think the decisions made by MCPS are announced too late in the morning which come too close with morning bus pickup times.