Sherwood Team Goes to Model UN Conference


by Russ Irons ‘19

The Sherwood Model United Nations (MUN) club attended the Johns Hopkins University Model United Nations Conference (JHUMUNC) in Baltimore. The conference began Thursday, February 8, and lasted until Sunday, February 11. JHUMUNC is an annual event that attracts students from all over the world, and brings them together for a weekend of hard work and fun.

Model United Nations is an extracurricular activity in which students act as delegates representing their assigned country in a committee. The various committees include the UN Security Council, the International Criminal Polic

Model UN team takes a break in between committee sessions.

e Organization (INTERPOL), and many others. A few weeks prior to the conference, delegates receive their assigned country and committee. Delegates then submit two position papers, which are compilations of a delegate’s research into their country’s stance on the issues covered in committee.

After school on Thursday, February 8, twelve members of Sherwood MUN drove to Johns Hopkins University at Camden Yards to begin the conference. After the opening ceremony, the first committee session commenced. During the first session, delegates speak on which issue they want the committee to address first. After numerous speeches, the committee moves into voting procedure to decide what issue to start with. After voting concludes, the committee moves into debate and sets out to pass resolutions. Committee sessions last from two to three hours at a time, and there were six over the course of the conference. Through the conference, delegates learn a lot about the stances of other countries and come away with much more knowledge of their topic.

“Being the delegate from the Republic of the Congo for the Futuristic WHO (World Health Organization) committee was a great experience. I learned so much about public health and being a good delegate,” said junior Harry Zou.

While JHUMUNC is largely an academic event, the social side does not disappoint. Throughout the conference, delegates get to know many other high schoolers from all over the world, and bond with them. Making new friends in the committee helps pass the time in the sometimes monotonous sessions.

“You don’t just talk about issues, you also make new friends, and explore the Inner Harbor,” said sophomore Andrew Chung. Outside of the lengthy committee sessions, delegates enjoy plenty of leisure time. The conference also hosts an ice cream social and delegate dance.

Delegates convened for their last committee session on Sunday, February 11. By the end of the session, the committees had passed resolutions on both of the assigned issues. This was the first conference for the majority of Sherwood MUN, and they represented Sherwood well. JHUMUNC is a valuable experience that enriches both education and friendship, so Sherwood MUN hopes to attend again next year.