Humor: Everybody Hates Mitch: 10 Things with a Higher Approval Rating than Mitch McConnell

by Josh Averbach ’18

There are certain things that Americans all seem to like: apple pie, baseball, fireworks, and… hating Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. With an anemic approval rating of about 12 percent, the notoriously uncharismatic Kentucky Republican is more bogeyman than man of the people. In fact, McConnell is so unpopular that these ten things all have a higher approval rating than him

10. The Church of Scientology
9. Hornet nests
8. Martin Shkreli
7. Season four of “Arrested Development”
6. Yearbook
5. Athlete’s foot
4. The word “moist”
3. Nails on a chalkboard
2. Grayson Allen
1. Traffic on 108 in Sandy Spring at 7:30 AM