Well-Fought Match Ends in a Loss

by Brandon Cohen ’20

On January 24, varsity wrestling lost 33-32 to Blair, one of the most competitive wrestling teams in Montgomery County and who remain undefeated. The meet marked the halfway point into Sherwood’s non-tournament regular season with with a current record of 8 wins and 2 losses. After a slow start, Sherwood came back and took the a 26-21 lead in the middle weight classes.

The wrestlers were aggressive and tried to play more offensive during their matches to gain the lead when they were down. Despite the team loss, many wrestlers excelled in their matches by having quick reactions and creating numerous amounts of opportunities for shots, takedowns and pins.

“I was trying to outlast and wear him out the whole time, especially in the third period since he was really strong. He was actually the same guy I wrestled last year. Some of these guys are really strong, but with the right moves and technique, they can burn,” said sophomore Adam Pfeiffer, who wrestled in the 170 weight class and had one of the most exhilarating matches of the night which ended in a win.

Another team member who did well was junior Sam Ewing who wrestled in the 138 weight class. He was able to use specific wrestling moves and techniques to try and score a takedown. These include “ankle picks” and “club downs.” Eventually, he was able to pin his opponent with a “half nelson” towards the end of his match.

“I felt him out in the beginning of my match to feel how strong he was since I was wrestling up a weight class. Once I felt his strength, I was able to use my speed to take him down,” said Ewing