Vaping Accessibility and Cost

by Leah Peloff ‘18

As the number of Sherwood students who vape on a regular basis has increased enormously, the question arises of how so many teens can both acquire products that are illegal to adolescents under the age of 18, and, even for those who meet the age requirement, how they afford a potentially very expensive habit.

For students over 18, it is legal for them to purchase vape supplies from local vape shops such as Vape Social, Rost, or Cloud 33 Smoke & Vape. Many of these places card people right as they walk in, however, so minors have to find other ways of accessing the materials. One option for minors is to order their vapes online, but this could be problematic upon delivery if they are asked for an ID, or if a parent opens the door and sees the package. According to a student who wishes to remain anonymous, the most common way that Sherwood students get their vapes and juice is via a sort of dealer who buys supplies in bulk and sells it to others for a profit. This is often a student who is over 18 or has a fake ID.

Even if one is able to successfully access the materials, the cost of the habit is hefty. The average vape sells for approximately $50-100 with elaborate ones selling for $200 or more. “I got my vape online for $69.95 which to me was a pretty good deal,” said a Sherwood senior. On top of the cost of the vape itself, one must consider the price of buying the juice that goes into it, which adds up over time. According to ECigg International, a 10ml pod of juice lasts a frequent vaper approximately two weeks, and each pod is about $15-30. So, if someone spends $75 on a vape, then $20 every two weeks on juice, that is almost $600 per year, not even including a likely purchase of a new vape at some point during the year, adding another possible $100.