New Minimum Wage is Approved

by Mallory Carlson ‘19

In early November, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett signed the legislation that makes the minimum wage in Montgomery County $15, a significant increase from the current 10.75.

The new law will begin to be enforced in 2021, but only for businesses with 51 employees or more, while smaller business will be given more time to implement the policy. Leggett, a democrat who is currently in the third year of his third (and final) term in office, said “Montgomery County has done what is right, what is appropriate, and what is reasonable under the circumstances and conditions … we should take a great deal of pride in [the law].”

Not all Montgomery County officials are completely pleased with the change. Gigi Goodwin, who is the president and CEO of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, testified against the law earlier in the fall and expressed concerns over the county’s competitiveness in attracting various businesses, especially as some relatively low-wage positions are being replaced by new, innovative technology.