Girls’ Basketball Plans to Remain Competitive

by Jackson Hongtong ’21 and Aaron Jaffe ’21

This season for the girls’ varsity basketball team is filled with uncertainties, in which nearly half of the roster are first-year varsity players and the team will need to replace the contributions of former graduated star Amanda Allen, who averaged more than 20 points a game.

“Amanda was one of the best players in the country the last two years. We are entirely different without her,” said Coach Tim Hobbs, who is going into his 4th year coaching girls’ varsity basketball at Sherwood and has coached high school basketball for 11 years prior.

Hobbs said that his team plays an uptempo style and that he likes to “run every chance we get.” This style seemed to have paid off as Sherwood beat Rockville 47-19. Senior Madison Bliss, junior Caroline Bidwick and sophomore Hannah St. Laurent all led the team in scoring with nine points each in the away win on December 5.

Sherwood faced a tougher test on the road against Churchill on December 8 and lost 59-34. Sherwood had their home opener against Clarksburg on December 11 to try to earn their second win on the season. However, Sherwood came up short and lost 67- 64.

Hobbs said before the season that he felt that he had, “a competitive group this year but in terms of wins and losses, I’m not sure what to expect.”

Sherwood now heads to play their rival Magruder in an important game at home tonight. This matchup against a mediocre opponent could forecast what to expect for the rest of the Warriors’ season: a win providing a boost of confidence and a loss digging Sherwood into a 1-3 hole that would be difficult to climb out of.