Students Kneel During ‘Warrior Wake Up Live’ To Protest Tyrannical Administration

by Josh Averbach ’18 and Lucy Kuchma ’18

Following a number of controversial decisions by Sherwood’s administration, many students have begun kneeling during the daily broadcast of “Warrior Wakeup Live” to protest policies that one participant described as “tyranny.”

The movement was started by a small group of clubs and teams, such as the Jewish Student Union, Debate Team, and Chess Club, with little fanfare. Once the football team got involved, however, the trend exploded with most of the student body joining the protest.

“Thinking is so much effort. It makes my life so much easier when I can have athletes do it for me,” said sophomore Daniel Bunrowski.

The specific changes that sparked the protest are varied. Some argue that Sherwood not allowing bathroom parties is a violation of the first amendment right to free assembly. These students argue that civil liberties apply regardless of the frivolity of their purpose.

“The America envisioned by Madison, Jefferson, and Washington is a place where students have the god-given right to be as obnoxious as they want,” said junior Alexa Williamson. “I won’t stand for it.”

Others argue that sending students outside for fire drills in the worst possible weather essentially serves as an unethical biological experiment, possibly to test students’ tolerance to certain pressures.

Some even argue that Sherwood, and MCPS as whole, have not done enough to fight ISIS.

“The terrorists win when MCPS is too weak to stand up to them. Right now, Sherwood’s milquetoast administration is the number one threat to our national security,” said senior Wayne Brown.

A number of students were quick to voice their opposition to the movement, loud and clear. “I honestly can’t believe that people would be so disrespectful during the playing of WWL, something that represents our school as a whole and all the work our faculty put into making it a good place for us. Like, if you have a problem, just transfer,” said senior Bobby Jackson.

Regardless of one’s stance on the issue, it is clear that the school has been transformed as a result of the tension between kneelers and non-kneelers.

Many long-time friendships and relationships have been destroyed as a result of the controversy. Even supposed allies have seen an erosion of trust as unverifiable rumors have spread about outspoken kneelers standing and vice-versa during second period.

Some students have refused to take a side in the matter, unyielding in their conviction of not having convictions. “It might suck, but it has sucked for a long time, so there’s no point in trying to change it,” says 5’9,” medium-build, khaki-shorts-andt-shirt wearing guy, junior John Smith.