Forum on Local Government Will Be Held at Sherwood HS

by Mallory Carlson ‘19

Every student at Sherwood is required to take NSL, an academic class on U.S. Government and Politics, whether it be on-level, honors, or AP. While the required government class leaves students with a concrete understanding of the federal government, it gives them only a vague understanding of their local government-at the county and state level. Many people are unaware of how local government operates, where it operates, who works in it, and how to get involved if they have an interest in doing so.

This is why an event like “Learn, Ask, Act: Find Your Voice in Local Government,” which will take place in the Sherwood High School cafeteria on October 26 from 7-9 p.m., is so vital for the community. “Learn, Ask, Act” is a nonpartisan, educational forum that is geared towards teaching local citizens, especially students, about local government and introducing some of their local representatives so that they are better equipped with knowledge on the politics directly affecting them.

The function will consist of three sections, titled as the name of the event suggests: Learn, Ask, and Act. Each part of the event will include at least one guest speaker who will speak and then answer questions relating to the topic of their speech.

The “learn” portion of the evening will be set aside and dedicated to the basics of local government‒like a very condensed Civics 101 course‒and this portion is planned to be led by Vincent DeMarco, a local activist. He will be speaking and discussing various topics relating to our local government: how county and state government works, what they really do that affects students and constituents most directly, and how to get involved if interested.

The second set of speakers schedules to speak at the event will be representing the “ask” part of the forum. The speakers will be Eric Luedtke, a Maryland State Delegate representing District 14 in Montgomery County, and Nancy Navarro, a County Council Member for District 4 in Montgomery County. Their time will be mostly dedicated to answering multiple questions about their positions in our local government along with questions about how they affect constituents’ lives on a day to day basis.

The final segment will be led by Dan Reed, a local activist, blogger, and journalist who will speak on why and how students and other citizens should be working towards getting involved in local government. He, too, will be answering questions.

The questions that will be asked during the forum will be pre-determined by the event planners.

Any questions, for the speakers or about the event in general, should be directed to English teacher Christiane Lock (K169), who is a member of the Women’s Alliance for Democracy and Justice, the local organization that is supporting “Learn, Ask, Act.” Questions can also be taken to Beth Shevitz (H141), who is the sponsor of EmpowHER, the Sherwood High School club supporting the upcoming event.