MyMCPS Replaces Edline

By Jared Schwartz ’18

Beginning this school year, MCPS has replaced Edline with myMCPS. The county made the switch in an attempt to streamline the software that teachers use, such as Google Classroom and Edline, into one website. MyMCPS is built upon a program called Canvas created by the company Instructure.

MyMCPS is split up into two parts, myMCPS Classroom and myMCPS Portal. Students and parents can access myMCPS using the myMCPS Mobile app on iOS and Android.

MyMCPS Portal has replaced the functionality of Edline, and students and parents can use it to access current and past grades, attendance records, and a graduation credit summary. Students will now use their student id and password to sign into myMCPS. MyMCPS Classroom is the interactive part of myMCPS. In addition to being able to upload multimedia content and post announcements to the class as they could in Edline, teachers can create quizzes, host discussion groups, and upload assignments using myMCPS.

However, the sudden change has led to confusion among teachers, especially regarding what students and parents are able to see. “It was rolled out very quickly and there was not a lot of training,” said Media Specialist Stephanie Flaherty, who was Sherwood’s former Edline administrator.

Flaherty emphasized that the program has a learning curve. “Teachers realize that they don’t have to use it to its full functionality immediately… it’s something that as they choose to adopt or not choose to adopt it’s really up to them. From the communication standpoint and the grading standpoint, it is definitely nicer and I think everyone agrees about that,” said Flaherty.