SMOB Election Approaches

by Alex Nnabue ‘18

Junior Matt Post is one of the final two candidates running for the county’s Student Member of the Board (SMOB) position for the 2017-18 school year. The SMOB is an elected student who votes to make policies, oversees the Board of Education’s legislative platform, and helps makes administrative appointments. If elected, Post will be the first SMOB from Sherwood. The winner of the current campaign, between Post and Richard Montgomery’s Alex Abrosimov will assume office after current SMOB Eric Guerci’s term ends on June 30.

The nomination convention occurred on February 22 at Watkins Mill. SMOB candidates along with student delegates gathered to deliver speeches, answer questions, and give short closing statements. The student delegates voted in the primary election to narrow the selection from 13 to 7 candidates. In the primary, Post garnered 171 votes, followed by Abrosimov’s 76 votes. The following preferential ballot selected the two candidates.

The student election takes place on April 26. Post is meeting the Montgomery County community by visiting middle and high schools, attending events, and stating his mission. He is an avid supporter of the student voice and strives to tackle relevant issues such as the achievement gap, open lunch, technology, and mental health.