Principal Gregory Slams The Warrior

by Frank Platko ‘18

After a series of print and online articles reporting on possible ties between Principal Bill Gregory and the administrations of rival schools Magruder and Blake, Gregory has continued to attack the media through a series of tweets.

“Do not believe the FAKE NEWS Warrior newspaper, Huck is a total lightweight. They’re the enemy of the students. Sad!” wrote Gregory.

This tweet, followed by several others, were tweeted around 3 a.m. Thursday, March 23. This is not the first time Gregory has red off a tweetstorm early in the morning, and many people continue to question his social media habits.

However, his ongoing use comes as no surprise. Gregory frequently touts his number of followers, retweets, and likes as a measure of support.

“Look, I don’t like to tweet, ok? But I have to. I wish I didn’t, but I have to. The Warrior will continue to twist my words and lie to the students. It’s a witch hunt, ok?” said Gregory in a recent interview that he cut short after two questions.

While his number of followers may show a strong base of support, other students are increasingly demanding an investigation into reports that Gregory has a nancial stake in Magruder’s successful drama program.

A group of 75-100 students recently organized a march from the Ertzman Theatre to the greenhouse in a show of discontent with the Principal and his administration. Outspoken junior, Josh Averbach, led the protest.

“We’ve been fighting the cold war with Magruder for over 60 years, and our principal wants to all of a sudden become cozy with them? These are our greatest adversaries. There’s clearly something shy going on, but we’d know for sure if he would disclose his financials. We’re left with no choice but to think that Gregory is obviously hiding something.” said Averbach, who also is Copy & Content Editor for The Warrior.

Gregory took issue with Averbach leading the march on Twitter, attempting to refute the demonstration by claiming that the students were paid to participate by The Warrior.

“The leader of the march, dopey Josh Averbach, is an editor for THE WARRIOR. Talk about a conflict of interest. Totally corrupt, students paid with Chipotle fundraiser money. WEAK!” Gregory tweeted.

However, he contradicted his earlier stance with another tweet about 30 minutes later that harbored a much different tone.

“Isn’t it great that students can express themselves here in MCPS? Isn’t it wonderful, isn’t it fantastic? A beautiful display of American democracy! Forgotten men and women no more!” tweeted Gregory.

Many of his statements and policies remain blurry and unclear. On the other hand, Gregory continues to make one thing very clear to his subjects; his rhetoric and behavior will never ever change.

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