PTSA Encourages Seniors To Apply for Scholarships

by Malec Fahmy ‘20

The PTSA is now accepting applications from seniors to receive one of approximately 20 different scholarships, ranging in awards from $300 to $20,000.These applications have a deadline of March 1, but it is suggested that the FASFA application be turned in by February 10. These various applications can be found on the Sherwood website.

“Our hope is the timing works well for students, and they can quickly reuse components such as essays and letters of recommendation already generated for other college and scholarship applications,” said PTSA President Randall MacGill.

The scholarships given out each year are both merit and need based. Some of these hold secondary criteria such as attending a particular middle school or belonging to a residential community. Because of the number of scholarships, the chances of receiving one are high. Each year, PTSA receives about 50-100 applications and all seniors are encouraged to apply.