Inexperience Does Not Hinder Softball’s Success

by Leah Schroeder ‘13

and Darby Whitehair ‘12

Through the first 10 games of the season, the varsity softball team has been dominant in compiling an undefeated record in which they have won by an average margin of 11.1 runs. They now find themselves in the midst of their most difficult games, including against Blake and Blair who both defeated the Warriors last season and currently have a combined record of 14-2. In their April 7 game, Sherwood defeated Blair, 4-0. The team also believed that yesterday’s contest against Damascus, who entered this game with an undefeated record, would likely be difficult.

Still, the team’s success has given them reason to believe that they could be a dangerous opponent in the playoffs. “I think that the team this year is going to do a great job and is going to support each other no matter what we put our minds to,” said senior captain Amy Laughner. “We keep the energy up as much as we can and at practice we work as hard as we can. As for the tough games, we all say ‘bring them on.’”

This year’s team is composed of one senior, four juniors, four sophomores and five freshmen as compared to the past two year’s teams which together consisted of eight seniors, seven juniors, five sophomores and eight freshmen. There is a significantly greater number of underclassmen.

“I honestly don’t even look at the fact they are freshmen. We are like sisters. We don’t fight or anything, and to us, age really doesn’t matter. Our freshmen are definitely devoted to playing as well as the upperclassman,” said junior captain Kristen Holonich.

Coach Pat Flanagan has emphasized that the goal is to be the best they can be as a team and that everyone must put aside their own preferences to accept their role on the team.

In addition to last season’s losses to Blake and Blair, the team also ended their season with a disheartening loss in the State Championship against the Broadneck Bruins. “Realistically, we make no predictions about this season. We take it one game at a time,” said Flanagan. “Idealistically, we’d like to win our division again, the region again, and get back to the University of Maryland on Memorial Day weekend again.”

The team shares a similar perspective. “There is an expectation, I feel, to get to states again this year. After losing four seniors last year, the returning players must step up and be leaders,” said sophomore and returning varsity player Megan McDonough.

The team’s next game against Walter Johnson will be held at Sherwood on April 27 at 3:30.

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