Spring is Right Around the Corner

With spring sport tryouts starting this week, it came to my attention that while the spring sports start, the winter sports have not finished. Many people play a variety of sports over the year, some play two seasons, some play all three. The date of tryouts for spring sports may bring up controversy in the world of Sherwood sports. The winter sports that are still involved in games have ended their regular season and are now in the playoffs so what happens if students in one sport have a game the same day as tryouts? Do they have to choose one? Do they automatically get excused from tryouts? I propose, to avoid all this unnecessary controversy,moving spring sport tryouts to next week. This should ensure that almost all of the sports are done with playoffs and any players would get a fair chance of trying out for a spring sport. It would also give students who have Rock ‘n’ Roll at this time a chance to be in both the show and a sport without hassle.

–Darby Whitehair ’12