Dance Centre Helps Dancers Follow Dreams

by Jonathan Chang ‘17 Ballerinas gracefully twirl and soar around the marley floor while others stretch and warm-up around the bars in the brightly lit studio. This is a typical scene at the Berrend Ballet Centre, a school for dance located nearby in Olney and where many students, former or current, have attended. Patricia Berrend, a former associate director of … Read More

Cooking Teacher Has Recipe for Success

by Frank Platko ‘18 When Sherwood’s tenured FACS (Family and Consumer Science) teacher Kim Cannon decided the 2015-2016 school year would be her last, she wanted to make sure her position would be in good hands. She knew exactly how to assure this would happen. She asked longtime friend, Lisa Gilbert, to replace her. Gilbert was hesitant to the idea … Read More

People Often Want To Believe the Fantastical

by Jonathan Chang ‘17 Conspiracy theories long have been a staple of American society. Whether it’s the belief that the moon landings were faked or that Tupac Shakur is still alive, people have been creating and believing conspiracy theories in order to explain certain events or phenomena. The use of mass communication like the internet nd social media platforms has … Read More

Study Reveals Students’ Concern about Water Quality Despite Staff Assurances

by Isabella Pilot ‘18 and Matthew Post ‘18 Some taste blood. Some blame lead. Some tie it back to an unknown substance floating on the Potomac River. Regardless of perceived flavor, a majority of students agree there is something wrong with Sherwood’s water. Despite being a biological necessity, 54.2 percent of students refuse to drink Earth’s most plentiful compound if … Read More

Fake News Challenges Citizens To Separate the Factual from the Fictional

by Leah Peloff ‘18 Conspiracy theories have always been a part of society to some extent, but have formed a particularly overarching presence in Americans’ lives of late. Sometimes comedically unrealistic, other times frighteningly convincing, they give some people an alternative explanation to things that they cannot explain, or wish have some deeper meaning. There is a dilemma, however, when … Read More

Adderall Abuse Soars among Teens

by Lexi Matthews ‘18 With the pressure of APs, sports, and extracurricular activities often leaving students overwhelmed, many seek aids to this juggling act, and turn to what they see as a quick fix to make studying easier. A 2015 CDC survey discovered that 7.5 percent of high school seniors have found their alleged solution in pill form: Adderall. An … Read More

Heroin Overdoses Affect Montgomery County Residents

by Leah Peloff ‘18 For decades, heroin was pre- dominantly found on the streets of urban, poor neighborhoods all around the country. Recent- ly, however, this deadly drug has spread to a wide variety of people from all different walks of life. Montgomery County has unfortunately been hit hard with this epidemic, leading to a total of 33 tragic deaths … Read More


Compiled by Naomi Lawrence ‘17 Today’s teens are grow- ing up in a potentially trans- formative time in regard to changing attitudes toward drugs, particularly marijua- na. This new landscape of drug legalization towards the use of drugs has sent mixed messages to teenag- ers across the nation who are warned or taught about the danger of marijuana being a … Read More

Magnet Programs Under Fire for Racial Disparities

by Katherine Sperduto ‘19 Critics of Montgomery County’s selective magnet programs are demanding reforms that will increase the numbers of black and Hispanic students. The controversy over the programs comes after a report published in March and delivered to the MCPS Board of Education concluded, “There are significant racial and socioeconomic disparities in the enrollment and acceptance rates to academically … Read More

Technology’s Role in Schooling Expands

by Shawn Yaftali ‘17 This school year, most of the English teachers have been given their own cart of Google Chromebooks, low-cost laptop and tablet hybrids, to enhance learning. Yet, the Chromebooks have received mixed feelings from students in the past. For instance, during PARCC testing, test-takers complained that the devices were a hassle to use and a waste of … Read More