Embrace Your Differences

by Leah Peloff Nine years old. This, according to The New York Times, is the age that most females’ confidence levels peak and they feel “assertive and positive about themselves.” The study also showed that, by high school, less than a third of girls still feel this way. Think back to elementary school. Did you really care if your shirt … Read More

Gaining a Global Perspective

by Alex Nnabue After growing up in the Olney community, my impression has been that it is a tight-knit town with very limited perspectives and experiences. Luckily, my senior year has been filled with taking advantages of unique opportunities and gaining new perspectives. Since August, I have traveled to four different countries, becoming accustomed to four drastically different cultures and … Read More

Making Mistakes and Making Changes

by Kali Dang I could hear voices down the hall as I darted through the school doors at 7:50 am. With my keys in one hand and my coffee in the other, I arrived in my first period class and sat in my seat just as Mrs. Taylor began explaining short run and long run economics. I expected a very … Read More